Artem Diatyan

Painter. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists.
The process of creating one painting takes the artist several years, returning him to the canvas with new sensations and ideas. He learned the basics of color ownership and light expression in painting from old Florentine masters. In his paintings, Artem often seeks to overcome the rigid structure of abstract compositions, subordinating it to dynamic energy, which finds its existential nourishment in multilayered and ambiguous at the same time.
"Painting is the world in sensations, and to reflect it means to give it eternity," says Artem Diatyan. "
The paintings are in private collections in Russia, the USA, Serbia, France, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Armenia, Spain, Chile, Switzerland, Australia, China, Germany, as well as in various art funds.
Exhibitions: "New Era" (Central House of Artists, 2014); Pop up museum 2017 - 2018 Neo Geo; “This is the whole world” (personal exhibition, Nikolskaya Gallery, 2018), etc.

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