Mikhail Sazhayev

Graphic artist, painter, writer, sculptor.  Prizewinner of numerous art awards. Artist of all arts. For 30 years of his working the number of his works has been about 6 thousand (paintings, graphics, portraits, porcelain, sculpture, collage, texts and others), they are located in 28 countries of the world. The main fund is in the cities of Russia, Europe and the USA. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Participated in more than 70 exhibitions. Currently – an artist of classical realism, portraitist. Awards: three awards in the biannual in Bulgary, the silver medal of the biannual of graphics in Italy, the honorary prize in France, the project “Real Russia” in Germany – the invitation from the government of Germany to Eurocultost, the award in Sophia in Bulgary.  Collections are almost in all European countries, the USA, Canada, China and Russia. Literary work – in 1996 his book “The Window of Dull Apprehensions” was published in the USA.


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