Daria Vorobyova

Artist. Since her early years she has been interested in painting and art. “This wonderful hobby has become my vocation and even the sence of my life”.In 2000 she entered Moscow Academic Art Lyceum. In 2012 she graduated from Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute, the monumental workshop of E. Maksimov. The member of “The Creative Union of Artists of Russia” and the active participants of international and Russian exhibitions, including the exhibition “Moscow of Bulgakov” (2016), International Art-project “The Week of Arts” (2016), “Art today. Religion subjects in the modern art” (2014), “The youth exhibition of painting and graphics” (2014), “The youth exhibition XXVIII” (2008) and many others. The prize-winner of many exhibitional contests and nominations.She held many personal exhibitions: “The sketches of the traveller” (2016), “Mysterious Russian cities”,  “Russia. Imagination and reality. From the past to the future”, “Presenting the seen” (2014), “My Moscow!” (2014), “Moscow in graphics” (2014), “The environment” (2014) and others.


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