The curators of the Gallery Kvartira S are creative, sociable people, whose working experience includes both the sphere of creating works of art and interior design themes. They carefully select works of artists, look for new names and participate in organization of exhibitions. And also they are always happy to interact with gallery visitors! If you have any questions about the site works, or if you want to know which product is more suitable for your interior - email to our curators.

Sasha Rishar

Art critic, art journalist.  Specialist in the theories and practices of the contemporary art. Studied at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and finished the courses at the museum "Garage" and the High School of Economics. Studying History of Arts at the Russian Humanitarian University, writes articles and art critics for mass media, presents her own programs and lectures. "I believe that the art changes the soul, gives birth to harmonious thoughts, rests in our hearts and inspires for new deeds".

Aleksandr Rygorchuk

Artist, designer, decorator.  Specialist in modern interior design, decorations and art works in living and office spaces. Graduated from Industrial and Economical College in Smolensk, the faculty of design, and the Art and Graphics faculty of Smolensk State University. Worked in the sphere of design of position media and interior advertising and printing. Since 2009 he has been the owner of the studio “Art Kitchen”, which is dealing with interior decorations and art works (murals, bas-relieves). Since 2014 he has been Art-director of the studio of design and decorating “Kale-Color”. Possesses a vast portfolio of the successfully realised interior design projects. Participated in many native and international design exhibitions, art shows; a prizewinner of many international art contests.

Kristina Yeroshkina

Art expert. Graduated from Russian State Humanitarian University, speciality “Art History”.Organise educational projects in the sphere of art for people and adults together with art experts of Moscow State University, Pushkin State Museum of Pictural Arts and Tretyakovskaya Gallery.“My aim is to initiate as many people (children and adults) as I can into art. To my mind, in Russian education there’s too little attention paid to studying  of Art History, so, in my opinion, it’s very important to give people the opportunity to know this sphere better”.

George Klimoff

Consultant in Russian and French cultural relations. Manager and organizer of international video-, photo- and art-festivals. Interpreter. Curator of the gallery in international projects.

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