«Cosmos is art», gastronomic dinner with art

"French album", creation of art-book with the famous master of water colors Aleksander Votsmush



"Sculptor of color", exhibition of Oleg Grigorash, 10.02-29.02.2020

"In the south shadows fall", paintings and graphics by Arseniy Kraynyukov, 10.02-29.02.2020

"Les Femmes", Russian and French project, 02.11.2019 - 01.02.2020

"No words", exhibition of Vladimir Arkhanghelskiy, 03.10.2019

"Everybody is here!", exhibition of Ilya Drozdov, 26.08-12.09.2019

Vernissage «Moscow jazz», 30.06.2019

"Cinq Sens" ("Five Senses"), Russian and French project, 01.06.2019 - 31.08.2019

"Spring flight", exhibition of abstract paintings, 15.03-31.03.2019

"Selected works. Violetta Nechaeva", 15.03-31.03.2019

"In the moonlight", exhibition by Alexey Lokhov, 25.02-15.03.2019

"Summer in January", exhibition by Maria&Tatiana Timofeevy, 14.01-30.01.2019

"Future morning", exhibition by Igor Vasilich, 14.01-30.01.2019

"NU", aesthetics of the nude, 01.12.2018 - 01.02.2019

"Art de Vivre", Russian and French project, 12.10.2018 - 06.11.2018

"KVARTIRA S. Selected works", closed display, 21.09.2018-01.10.2018

"Lovers", exhibition by Maria Subbotina, 01.09-14.09.2018

"Stories without words", exhibition by Olga Matveeva, 01.09-14.09.2018

"In love", exhibition by Ekaterina Lebedeva, 15.04-01.08.2018

"Reflection", exhibition by Victoria Rós, 13.06-30.06.2018

"Where the wind blows", exhibition by Marina Bogomazova, 13.06-30.06.2018

Vernissage «The Tree of Wishes», 02.06.2018

«L'Homme et L'Espace», international project, 26.04-06.05.2018

Exhibition «Monmartre», 27.02-13.04.2018

"After the winter", exhibition of Aleksandra Ianchenko, 17.03.2018-30.03.2018

Exhibition of Anastasiya Zakharova «The different planet», 15.01-30.01.2018

Exhibition Olga Spirovo "Ecology Of Space", 21.01-31.01.2018

Exhibition of Igor Vasilich «I want to the sea», 15.01-30.01.2018

"Awakening in reality", the exhibition of Vitaliy Leshukov, 05.12.2017-15.01.2018

"Narrator", exhibition of Argen Uteev, 11.12.2018-11.01.2018

"Paints of VanGog", a large seasonal vernissage, 05.11.2017

"Blossoming", Ekaterina Lebedeva's exhibition, 10.10-31.10.2017

"La route des vins", plein airs and exhibition in the hotel "La Farandole", 29.09-21.10.2017

"Haute monde" in Curations Limited , 21.02-31.12.2017

Contest "Become an artist of the gallery!", 22.02-01.10.2017

"Flowers in my head", photo exhibition of Elena Serebryakova, 21.08-13.09.2017

"Pure feelings 2.0", 15.08-03.09.2017

"The glow of art", exhibition of Ekaterina Lebedeva, 12.08-31.08.2017

"92 days", photo exhibition, 15.07-07.08.2017

"Super power", exhibition of Maksim Martirosyan, 14.06-13.07.2017

"Our Future", a big seasonal vernissage, 08.07.2017

"From summer to summer", exhibition of three artists, 16-18.06.2017

"Sikvaruli", exhibition of Olga Mashkina, 01.06-13.06.2017

"Color-color", exhibition of Yekaterina Pugachova, 16.03-09.06.2017

"Anything can be at these factories", exhibition of Vladimir Dudkin, 10.04-15.05.2017

"Cinéma en Provence", plein airs and exhibition of Yekaterina Pugacheva and Slava Likhachev, 15.04-13.05.2017

Abstract painting in EICHHOLTZ, 08.08.2016-27.03.2017

"Debut", personal exhibition of Katya Brojez, 09.03-21.03.2017

"Magical realism" by Anastasiya Bunina, 25.02.- 07.03.2017

"Address: Moscow - Russia", 27.01.2017-26.02.2017

"Art for your heart", арт-коктейль, 09.02-24.02.2017

"The Age of Aquarius", 19.02.2017

"My favorite city" by Darya Vorobyova in Curations Limited, 10.08-31.12. 2016

"Ordinary-extraordinary", water-colored works by Slava Likhachyov, 08.12-22.12.2016

"L'autumn en Provence", exhibition, 26.10-29.10.2016

"L'ART DE VIVRE", PICNIC-VERNISSAGE, 02.10.2016, 12.00-19.00

"The Evening of Creative Traveling", 22.10.2016, 18.30

"The Creative Appartment", the festival in "TWINSTORE", 17.09.2016, 12.00-17.00

"Squirrel Johannes among us", exhibition Klazki, 22.08-16.09.2016

"The pure sensations", 21.07-04.08.2016

"Art is here!", 01.07-03.07.2016