Valeria Salnikova

Artist. She graduated from an art school in the north of Russia in the coal town of Vorkuta, and received her higher education at the Department of Painting in the direction of "Graphic Designer" already in Moscow. Recently, Valeria has been a Special Projects Designer at Harper's Bazaar and Art Director at Avon. She has taken part in exhibitions at the Louvre, the Pierre Cardin House in Paris and the Town Hall in Oxford.
Valeria was influenced by the work of Pablo Picasso, his cubist style and blue period, recognizable colors and lines. The artist calls her style "picassism", since many of the techniques for painting pictures are similar to the handwriting of her idol.
Exhibitions: "Art-portrait" (Moscow, 2020); "Picturesque weeks" (Moscow, 2018, 2019); "Kryukrinoksy" (Moscow, 2020) and others. Personal exhibitions: "After Paris" (Moscow, 2015); "START" (Moscow, 2013).

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